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Satellite TV deals from DIRECTV will give you something to talk about in Minneapolis

Everyone loves a good deal. Especially when it allows for better home entertainment options without breaking the bank. With DIRECTV, you will find a wealth of satellite TV deals that aim to make your Minnesota viewing capabilities stand out among competitors.

The possibilities of home television entertainment have come a long way over the years. The days of minimal channel options, limited technology and spotty reception are long gone. If you feel like your current television options are not keeping up with the times, turn to DIRECTV and discover impressive satellite TV deals today.

Unleash your inner nerd with innovative TV deals from DIRECTV

If DIRECTV’s incomparable lineup of satellite dish TV packages and premium channel options isn’t enough to have you convinced, these deals should do the job.

Satellite TV deals from DIRECTV include an arsenal of the market’s most current first-class entertainment technologies. From innovative recording features like DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service to the ability to integrate your favorite gizmos and social media outlets with your television screen, satellite DIRECTV has a collection of riveting options for you.

For instance, have you ever wanted to display your favorite family vacation photo albums, home videos and music playlists on your television? With DIRECTV™ MediaShare it’s possible.

Transform your laptop into a portable TV, watching your favorite recorded shows from your home DVR system on your computer with DIRECTV2PC™. Plus, this feature is easy to navigate as it uses the same DIRECTV interface that you’re familiar with.

Have you ever been out with some friends and gotten a recommendation for a new movie or hit series to watch? Don’t rely on your memory to schedule a recording long after you get home. Setup your DVR system to record the program on the spot using your smartphone with the free DIRECTV® DVR Scheduler.

DIRECTV satellite TV deals in MN don’t end there.

Get DIRECTV on your iPad® and create a virtual hub of entertainment controls, right in the palm of your hand. With this feature, you’ll have complete control of your TV, allowing you to plan your home entertainment from anywhere in the house. Don’t have an iPad®? That’s not a problem. Integrate your favorite social media like Facebook and Twitter or check out the hottest YouTube videos with DIRECTV Apps.

Get hard-hitting satellite TV deals on your favorite sports channels with DIRECTV

Would you consider yourself a die-hard sports fan? Do you enjoy keeping tabs on your favorite players, conferences and leagues? If you have the colors of your home-team pacing through your veins, choose DIRECTV for all of the best sports action.

Whether it’s football you love or hockey, or even cricket, DIRECTV brings you the most up-close, exclusive action so that you’re never missing a single play. Please all of the crazed sports enthusiasts in your life and bundle the perfect package for your Minneapolis home. DIRECTV is sure to satisfy all of your sports preferences with quality full-coverage programming that brings you front and center to all of the best competitions.

Premium sports options include:

  • FOX Soccer Plus

Ordering DIRECTV in Minneapolis, MN is a satellite TV deal within itself

If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to DIRECTV, there is no better time than now. Stop dancing around in circles with your current provider and get the best options with unmatched reliability and affordable prices.

Ordering DIRECTV is easy. You can either get online or call to speak with a representative. From there, you will be prompted to select the appropriate satellite dish TV package for your viewing needs and any premium channel upgrades and extra equipment you want.

The next step will be to schedule a DIRECTV certified professional installer to come to your Minneapolis home and install your new system for free in up to four rooms. What better satellite dish TV deal is there than free? Don’t burden yourself with confusing installation instructions or painstaking over-the-phone run-throughs of your new DIRECTV system. Trust a professional to get you set up and ask any questions you may have in-person to eliminate concerns.

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